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Three Phase Inverters


Three phase inverters, a kind of industrial and universal power inverter, have very strong momentary output power. They are composed of three single-phase inverter switches, and each switch is respectively connected to one of the three load terminals. The most important components of three phase inverters include high-frequency three-phase and four-bridge topology circuit and advanced control software.
Three phase solar inverters adopt digital control technology with efficient power conversion structure to absorb superior solar power. With the fixed-voltage technology, the solar inverter is always working at its optimal input voltage, regardless of the number of modules or environmental conditions. The power inverters are mainly used for applications requiring variable frequency drive and high power applications, such as HVDC power transmission.

Features of Three Phase Inverters:

1. The inversion efficiency can reach 94%.
2. The degree of distortion is less than 3% in the process of linear load.
3. Three phase inverters can greatly develop the power supply capacity of wind generation via triple boosting pressure. Compared with the power inverters at the same capacity level, they can increase the output by 10%-15%.
4. The solar inverter has a high overload (1.5 times) output power with a wide range of output voltage.
5. Characteristics of this three-phase inverter are small size, strong impact force, high efficiency, easy installation and less distortion.
6. The input voltage is 500v-900v, and their output power can reach 5KW-1500KW.
7. The three phase inverters adopt power frequency transformer for output.
8. Module-level monitoring receiver is built in the power inverter.
9. Broadband or wireless ZigBee is used for communication to internet.

Operation and Notes:

1. Without permission, the three phase inverters can not be used for the life-sustaining equipments.
2. It is suitable for household appliances, air-conditioning and industrial equipments etc. The high precision electronics confirmed by the professionals may be put into operation.
3. Power inverters should be installed by the professionals or under the assistance of the local dealers.
4. To confirm whether the voltage range of the DC power supply meets the requirements and the voltage polarity is correct.
5. Do not flow the liquid into the inside of the three phase inverters, or wipe the machine casing with a wet cloth. Human body is not allowed to touch the terminals of the current inverter directly especially with wet hands, when the machine is running. Otherwise it will cause electrical shock.
6. Only professional technicians or dealers can change the working environment of a normal operational power inverter.
7. Do not throw the battery into the fire, otherwise it will explode.
8. Juveniles are not allowed to use the three phase inverters.
9. The inverters should be used in a well-ventilated environment with a temperature range of -15°C to 50°C. The three phase inverters should be away from fire source and direct sunlight. They can not operate in the condensation, dust, high temperature and harsh environment.
10. Do not block the side shutters of the power inverter, and not to use the inverter at the heat source, such as electric heater and radiator. Please use the three phase inverter in the shade places.
11. When the inverter links to the indoor power network, we should ensure the ground wire is connected reliably. Wire diameter must meet the using condition.


1. The three phase inverter should be installed in a clean and tide environment.
2. The power inverter should keep clean before and after operation.
3. Please check whether the labor protections such as safety ground are effective.
4. The inside of the voltage inverter should be dusted at regular intervals.
5. To check whether the fans operate normally, they should be replaced in time if the fans break down.
6. Please examine the insulation, aging and damage of the power supply wires, and change in time to ensure security.
7. Please examine whether the output terminal falls off. In order to avoid damaging the charging device, the inside connector should be clean.
8. If the problems can not be solved in accordance with the methods provided in this instruction book, please feel free to contact us.
Founded in October 2006, Chongqing Anran Gas Technology Co Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of CNG equipment and technology in China. Our main products include power inverters, CNG compressors, natural gas cylinders, CNG conversion kits, current distributors, power generation equipment, etc. Our high-frequency three phase inverter can improve the efficiency by 20% than before. We establish strict quality management system to ensure the quality of our products. We establish strict quality management system to ensure the quality of our products.
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