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Air-water Cooling Compressors


Air cooled CNG compressors are used for natural gas compression or storage facilities. They are designed to dissipate process heat from liquids by circulating water or some kind of water-glycol solution. Air cooled CNG compressors are suitable for process applications, chemical plants and power industries. Water cooling CNG compressor can be installed in low-temperature regions with less space. Compared with the cooling towers, air cooled CNG compressors do not need water or associated make-up water due to drift and evaporation. Nor are there any chemical treatments required.

Features of Air-water Cooling Compressors:

1. The 3ZW natural gas compressor is stationary.
2. Air cooled CNG compressor needs a circulating pump station to disseminate water.
3. The supply temperature is between 20°F to 65°F to multiple processes at once through the whole plant.
4. D type air cooled CNG compressors do not need cooling tower and cooling pond.
5. The water cooling CNG compressor has closed-cycle cooling water system which can prolong life span of the compressor.
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