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CNG compressors


Natural gas compressor is a key equipment of gas stations that increases the pressure of gas by reducing its volume. It is designed to condense natural gas into a certain pressure, and then fill the gas into gas cylinder through gas dispenser. CNG compressors increase the pressure on a fluid and transfer the fluid through a pipe just like the pumps. Natural gas compressors are suited for all kinds of natural gas stations.
Natural gas compressors for home use are approved by CE certification. CNG compressors for public refueling stations may apply for implementing the third party inspection. The famous international third party inspection organizations shall issue an inspection certificate and report.

Classifications of Natural Gas Compressor:

CNG compressors can be classified into different types in accordance with various classification methods.
1.They can be divided into L type, ZW type and D type according to their patterns.
2.In cooling modes, natural gas compressor can be distributed into water cooling compressor and air-water mixed cooling compressor.
3.Due to different application places, CNG compressor can be divided into primary filling station or ordinary standard station compressor and secondary filling station compressor.
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