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Gas Dispensers


Natural gas dispenser is a type of gas filling equipment which used for filling compressed natural gas (CNG) into the natural gas vehicles (NGV) and providing fuel to large-scale CNG daughter stations. CNG products such as CNG dispensers, compressed natural gas valves provide safe commercial and private CNG refueling solutions for these markets all over the world.
Natural gas dispensers only use high quality materials, fittings and electronic components to make sure natural gas vehicles can be filled fast and accurately. We have received the qualified certificate of CNG dispenser. In addition, we have tested and calibrated all our dispensing systems to meet applicable standards for fuelling accuracy.

Features of Natural Gas Dispensers:

1. Dual gun natural gas dispenser can recharge two vehicles at the same time.
2. CNG dispenser adopts imported American or German original mass flow meter and gas filling hose to ensure accurate measurement and high safety.
3. The reliable natural gas dispenser for fueling station is easy to operate.
4. The CNG dispenser is equipped with anti-explosion system for whole machine.
5. LCD lights show data clearly even in dark ambient.
6. Accumulated amounts and unit price can be stored more than 10 years in memory.
7. 8000 times of gas filling can be recorded and stored more than 10 years.
8. The natural gas dispenser configures password protection system.
9. The keypad can be disabled in the process of refilling.
10. There is no accuracy loss during the process of transforming quality pulse to volume display.
Founded in October 2006, Chongqing Anran Gas Technology Co Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of CNG equipment and technology in China. Besides natural gas dispenser, we also provide natural gas compressor, CNG conversion kits, current distributors, inverters, power generation equipment and so on. We have received the qualified certificate of CNG dispenser. We have exported our products to Bengal, Myanmar, Pakistan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, America, Australia etc.