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Gas Storage and Transport


Natural gas cylinder is used for storing and transporting compressed natural gas. It is one of the safest factors of using CNG as an alternative fuel. The products of our natural gas cylinders include small-sized cylinder with 200 bar for vehicles and 250 bar for stations, long tube cylinder and cylinder trailer. The CNG cylinder must be incredibly durable and strong enough to contain the pressures over 3600psi. Small-sized natural gas cylinders are produced with ISO standard such as ISO11439,ISO9809-1. Jumbo cylinders are manufactured with standard ISO11120. CNG cylinders can apply for certificate and report issued by the third inspection organization.


CNG Cylinder for Vehicle:

Type 1 CNG steel cylinder is made of chrome molybdenum steel. Type 2 CNG composite cylinder is made of a mixture of fiberglass or carbon fibers. The working pressure ofnatural gas cylinder is 200bar, and the testing pressure is 250bar.

CNG Cylinder Cascade:

CNG cylinder cascade consists of a series of natural gas cylinders, steel frame, valves, pipelines and high-pressure fittings. Priority sequence control panel can also be installed according to customers' requirements. CNG cylinder cascade is used for ground storage of compressed natural gas.

CNG Tube Cylinders:

CNG tube cylinders, also known as jumbo cylinders, are large-scale steel cylinders for gas storage. Jumbo cylinders can store and transport abundant compressed natural gas, hydrogen or helium. Natural gas cylinders are used in industrial gas storage, CNG station, transportation, power generating plant etc.

CNG Container Skids:

CNG container skids, assembling CNG cylinder cascade together which are similar to standard container, are used for storing and transporting compressed natural gas. The important components include: several long pipes, frame, pipelines, valves and fittings etc. Natural gas cylinder skid is suitable for transporting large quantities of CNG to the places where no gas pipe networks.
Founded in October 2006, Chongqing Anran Gas Technology Co Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of natural gas cylinder and technology in China. Besides CNG cylinders, we also provide CNG compressors, CNG conversion kits, current distributors, inverters, power generation equipment and so on. We have exported our products to Bengal, Myanmar, Pakistan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, America, Australia etc.